sur|vey1 W3S3 [ˈsə:veı US ˈsə:r-] n
1.) a set of questions that you ask a large number of people in order to find out about their opinions or behaviour
carry out/conduct a survey
(=do a survey)
We conducted a survey of parents in the village.
survey of
survey of US businesses
survey shows/reveals (that)
The survey showed that Britain's trees are in good health.
2.) an examination of an area of land in order to make a map of it
3.) BrE an examination of a house or other building done especially for someone who wants to buy it
4.) a general description or report about a particular subject or situation
a survey of modern English literature
survey 2
sur|vey2 [səˈveı US sər-] v [T]
[Date: 1400-1500; : Old French; Origin: surveeir 'to look over', from sur- ( SURCHARGE) + veeir 'to see']
1.) [usually passive]
to ask a large number of people questions in order to find out their attitudes or opinions
Of the 100 companies surveyed, 10 per cent had a turnover of £50m to £99m.
2.) to look at or consider someone or something carefully, especially in order to form an opinion about them
She turned to survey her daughter's pale face.
They got out of the car to survey the damage.
3.) BrE to examine the condition of a house or other building and make a report on it, especially for people who want to buy it
4.) to examine and measure an area of land and record the details on a map
There were many voyages to survey the ocean depths in the nineteenth century.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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